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The system was designed in such way that we no longer see buying things cash as wise. There’s a credit culture it has created. A culture of having without owning. A culture of borrowing without wanting to borrow. We’re locked up for life. If you think about it, you’ll realise how inhuman this system is.

Look around you. If walls could speak they’ll tell you how the system destroyed family (especially the black family). The family unit has been crushed because the system demands blood, sweat and tears. It needs us to work for credit. Since when was it correct for us to get excited when we qualify for credit? What went wrong?

The system mocks and discards those who can afford to purchase without using credit. It romentise credit and protects those who qualify until they are unable to feed it.

It almost seems and feels weird for one not to be in debt. We have normalised what is abnormal. We aren’t afraid to swim in a pool of debt. Sadly, our wealth creation is in the intensive care unit (ICU) surviving on oxygen drips yet we preach “economic freedom in our lifetime.” We March to banks on Monday for the Apartheid money “they owe our government” and then run to them to get credit on Tuesday morning. We’re trapped in the system.

“Come on in and get a discount when you join us.” – the famous line said by those who are also trapped in the system. The most disturbing reality is that we are beginning to believe in this fable. It’s a hoax! It’s a trap. It’s all lies. Oh, I forgot that we know all that. We know it all. We know that we are captured and “mara re tla reng.”

Thabang Phala

Thabang Phala is an award-winning development practitioner, business consultant, brand strategist, facilitator and thought leader with industry experience spanning over 11 years.

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  • Sipho Jo-Hyness says:

    Bra T,

    I hear you on the matter of being captured and struck by this “system” you refer to. One thing i was hoping for as i was going through this article about “The State of Credit Capture – Secure in Credit Comfort” was, for one, probably a strategy or work around on how to deal or in actual fact, avoid dept by all means possible. This is, i know we all can and do identify the problems with the “black nation”, but how many can and will say “these are the solutions to the problems we are facing”?

    If maybe, in your post you had identified both the problems opposed to “the system” and our habits of getting caught in dept, and the proposed solutions (or your views of a possible solution in this regard) to such proposed problems then we will be able to spark up a fruitful debate regarding building wealth and getting out of a life of “having without owning”. I’d like to hear your take on this, it’ll be nice to build that perspective malume.


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