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Sibusiso Leope, famously known as DJ Sbu has become a “weekend special” for the tabloids. It has become more predictable as to who’s making the front page of Sunday World. Is this a PR Strategy from him or a deliberate public image sabotage? We can never know (for now), but what need to ask ourselves is would the African National Congress (ANC) take a bullet for him?

As a stalwart to “the movement” [ANC], Sbu has paraded green and yellow colours in the public domain showing his undying love for the movement. We’ve seen during the 2014 elections urging millions of young people to vote for the ANC. He used his media power and influence to get millions of young people to tell the good stories the ANC has done for them.

The proudly Tembisa raised, multitalented business man has recently come under more fire for offending the law on different occasions. Seeing the many problems he’s facing, some have jokingly said “you can never call Limpopians idiots and get away with it.” One tends to wonder if Sbu brought all this drama to his life or it is karma dealing with him. Oh well, maybe that’s none of our business but what’s more questionable is the silence of the ANC which he is forever advocating for.

A nation without heroes, fails its hopeless youths

Remember Bonginksosi Dlamini? The man who made hundreds of young South African’s dreams come true in just 3 days? Bonginkosi also known as Zola 7 has inspired many of us to dream and never stop dreaming. He has used him media influence to touch lives of kasi youths. What happened to him was just unfortunate. What we should be afraid of is DJ Sbu following suit. Lord knows how badly our youth need another Zola to ignite their broken and stolen dreams.

DJ Sbu motivates and inspires thousands of learners in public schools every month. He gives out bursaries to learners through his foundation and empowers entrepreneurs with his entrepreneurship seminars. Regardless of the many scandals and bad things he might have done, to thousands (if not millions) he remains a hero. Sadly, his heroic crown to the many hopeless youths might be stolen each time they read the papers about him.

What happens when the brotherhood neglects its own?

What is the point of being part of a brotherhood that cannot take a bullet for you, when it has taken hundreds of bullets for other members? Do you stop being a member when it fails to support you or do you just keep on loving it because it brought you economic liberation?

It goes without saying that the ANC has undying support for certain key individuals in their organisation. Sadly, that is not the case with all those who wear the green and yellow colours with pride. DJ Sbu is one of them who haven’t received much support recently.

Seeing all the drama between the SABC and DJ Sbu, I was reminded of Julius Malema’s words in 2012 after being booted out of the ANC Youth League. He said “We are used like toilet paper that is flushed in the toilet. We are used like condoms – those who use condoms will know how condoms work, they use them and they throw them [away] somewhere else.” Sbu’s recent Facebook posts suggests a great frustration in his life. I do feel Sbu’s frustration which led him to decide to go continue to study so that he can come back to lead the ANC-led SABC.

Having been part of organisations for 6 years, I have learned that every leader is protected by his/her followers (members of the organisation). Some protect their leader even when he/she is evidently wrong. Some feel obliged to support the leader or face the axe. They make organisational decisions with their salaries, families, and future in mind. Don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting/condoning irresponsible behaviour and bad leadership. All I’m saying that it would be good to see the ANC being an organisation that can stand for all its members and protect them at all cost.

Some of the many reasons that makes me despise the ANC its inability to protect and preserve black talent. ANC that claims to advocate for black lives, fails to understand that black lives matter as well. If the ANC doesn’t do something to help DJ Sbu, there won’t be any “good story to tell” about his life a year from now. All the good work he is doing will be covered up by the bad ones we’re constantly reading about.

DJ Sbu is not like the prodigal son who left home, he is still loyal to his home. It is hard to believe that his home is loyal to him.

Dear ANC, this youth month please take at least one bullet for DJ Sbu to save millions of hopeless youths who are inspired by his life.

Thabang Phala

Thabang Phala is an award-winning development practitioner, business consultant, brand strategist, facilitator and thought leader with industry experience spanning over 11 years.

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